Who We Are

We are Moms. We are professionals. We are friends, sisters, daughters. In our imaginations we are Bianca Jagger on her white horse, when in reality we haven't washed our hair in a week (at least). We are busy.

Our lives are messy and glorious and exciting and daunting and, occasionally, calm and sweet. We need things to go right. We need things to work.

We needed a bag to get out the door – SO we made it.  

We believe:

Becoming a Mom is the best and most terrifying thing that can happen to a woman.
You shouldn't have to give up who you are because you become one.
It is possible to "keep it together" while being a Mom.
There is luxury in function, and that there needs to be function in luxury.
You shouldn't wear a bag that doesn't make you happy.
You just shouldn't have to settle.
You deserve to look and feel great amidst the whirlwind that your life has become. You are beautiful and we want to make you feel that way.

We tried to think of everything so you don't have to. We know it's hard because we are living it.

Welcome to the world of bliss and chaos.


J & J